Food and Product Photography with Styling Services

Do your recipes need to be photographed but simply don’t have the time or money to hire and entire crew? Either for your book, for a magazine online or print, or for your social media channels. Do you have a product with great packaging or design, or could your product need a little oomph when showing on your site? Do you need help with social media content development? That’s where I come in. Saving you time and work is my main goal, my multi-facited services I can offer such as food styling, set styling and photography, creative development that is custom catered to your brand that will resonate with your customers.


Lifestyle and Portrait Photography

Whether it’s for a corporate profile, magazine editorial, or online lifestyle photography, I love to dive deeper into the story and the people and really get a good feel for the objective before coming up with ideas. People love talking about their passions, and I love hearing the stories. It brings up the energy of the shoot and a fun, comfortable atmosphere makes for fantastic shoot results. Connection is everything. We are all connected, and we all look for connections, it’s human nature. Establishing that first makes all the difference.