Welcome to my site, my name is Agnes Borowik


Here’s a little bit about me. My relationship with food began during my childhood in Poland during the solidarity movement. Food was scarce, we had food stamps so what we received, we were grateful for. I believe this taught me to respect and value food at an early age. Watching my mom prepare delicious meals with the ingredients that were available, sparked my curiosity around meal planning and recipe development. After moving to Canada, as I continued to watch my mother who never cooked from recipes, I began to participate. She had the bible of a cookbook from Poland for reference but she always did her own thing. I think that’s where I get that from.

When I finally went of my own my love of food and experimenting in the kitchen grew, and out came the camera as well, I needed to document. While I developed a career in Graphic Design my love of photography grew. Graphic design helped train my eye to see and analyze the composition of a photo, and determine the best angles to ensure the greatest appetite appeal. Being exposed to the many areas of marketing in the food industry really helped me see from so many angles. As I tried on different hats, which also included art direction/set styling and food styling. Over several years, it became obvious to me that I need to combine my skills set and offer my clients solutions to help ensure their success with projects and save them valuable time so they can enjoy it with their families.

- Agnes Borowik, Multi-facited creative professional,